Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Urban Housewife Testers!

I have been doing a lot of cookbook testing lately! Yesterday's awesome dish came from a new test endeavor, for Melisser of The Urban Housewife blog! She is writing a cookbook called The Vegan Girl's Guide to Life, and I am lucky enough to get to test out some recipes for her!! Yay!

The first test recipe I made for Melisser was the Tangy Cabbage-Beet Slaw. It was awesome. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera when I took it to the potluck! Dang. But trust me, it was colorful and flavorful and perfect. It pleased this slaw-loving girl very much!

Yesterday for yet another potluck, I made her Potato and Swiss Chard Gratin. OOoooh man. I haven't had any gratins as a vegan, at least that I can recall. This was comfort food at its finest: potatoes, chard, onions, a creamy sauce, and a breadcrumb topping. I was able to use swiss chard and yukon gold potatoes from the farmers' market, too, which is so great! I can't wait to try more of Melisser's recipes...these first two have been killer good!!!!


Mandee said...

Yummo, both the slaw and gratin look delish, Melisser's book is going to be great!

Babette said...

This gratin looks delish!