Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cafe Berlin and Coconut Chip Cookies

Yesterday was a fantastic food day...
First of all, I baked for the first time in about two weeks--which is way too long of a baking fast for me! luckily, classes are over now, so I will have tons more time to bake whenever i want!
I made coconut chocolate chip cookies for the first time and they turned out perfectly! I used the chocolate chip cookie recipe from The Joy of Vegan Baking and modified it by adding coconut flakes. Very tropical and fitting to bring to our Lost watching party tonight :)

Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies (makes 1 dozen)

4 1/2 tsp Ener-G egg replacer

6 T coconut milk

1 cup Earth Balance

1 1/2 c turbinado sugar

2 tsp vanilla extract

2 1/4 c whole wheat pastry flour

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp salt

1 cup chocolate chips

2 cups unsweetened shredded coconut

Preheat oven to 375F. Spray two cookie sheets with non-stick spray. In a bowl or food processor, whip egg replacer with coconut milk until dissolved and thickened. In a large bowl, cream the earth Balance, sugar, and vanilla together. Add the egg replacer mix and combine. In a separate bowl, combine the dry ingredients, then add gradually into the wet mixture to form a dough. when just mixed, fold in the chocolate chips and coconut. Form into twelve even balls of dough (they will be pretty big) and place on cookie sheets. Slightly flatten each cookie with your hand or floured glass. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes, until golden brown, then let cool. Then eat your heart out :) ** Modified from The Joy of Vegan Baking by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau**

Steve left town for a week today, so we went out for a nice dinner last night at an awesome restaurant in Columbia called Cafe Berlin. No, this is not a German restaurant...that's just its name! It is not all vegetarian, but they use all local, free-range meat and eggs and organic dairy, local organic produce, etc. Plus there are tons of veg options! I must say, they have the best breakfasts in town!! But on to dinner...
I had the TLT: wasabi- marinated tempeh with local organic greens and organic tomatoes, smeared with their homemade hummus on toasted rye bread....yuuuuum! For my side, I got their amazing roasted potatoes- a blend of red and sweet potatoes with tons of spices and garlic-this was so great!
Steve got the Ultimate Nachos, sans cheese and sour cream, of course! This was an enormous plate of blue corn chips topped with seasoned black beans, tofu, grilled onions, peppers, squash, and spices, with homemade salsa. The best part of having a vegan boyfriend is getting to try all of his food at restaurants :) yum!

If you are ever traveling through Missouri, I HIGHLY recommend Cafe Berlin (they have a myspace if you want to look at their menu!) will love it. promise!

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The Administrator said...

My vegetarian girlfriend and me tried these cookies. We used eggs and butter instead of the replacement though. Also, we mistook a few steps. Nevertheless, they were coconut/chocolate bites of heaven.