Monday, June 7, 2010

Recent Tester Goodies

Being a tester for cookbooks is soooo much fun!!! And tasty, too!

Almond Lime Cake with Rosemary Lime Frosting, from the upcoming Vegan Girl's Guide to Life by The Urban Housewife. One of the best cakes ever!!! And the most beautiful! Sweet Potato Pie, from the upcoming Vegan Bakesale by Carla of The Vegan Year blog! I loooooove me some pie, and anything sweet potatoes, too. Perfect combo!

And finally, Chocolate Cereal Squares, also from the Vegan Bakesale cookbook. So much crispiness and chocolatiness all in one!!! Yummmm!

3 comments: said...

Wait to sell the books on looks alone ;)

Mihl said...

All those testers look wonderful! The cake recipe is by me, I hope you liked it!

Mihl said...

...that was supposed to mean glad you liked. Need more coffee :)