Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Yay! It's a holiday! I think it's my nature to celebrate with food :) Since it IS Cinco de Mayo today and I AM testing for the Vegan Latina cookbook, by the terrific Terry, I of course HAD to combine those two awesome things for dinner tonight!
For the main dish: Refried Bean Tacos! I was happy to get to use up my plethora of Tofutti Sour Supreme and enjoy this holiday meal. This was so wonderful!!! The taco shells are locally-made, and super crispy....the beans were Homestyle Refried Beans, a tester for Vegan Latina, and they were so creamy and flavorful...and the salsa is locally-made, by the small, local Deja Vivir company! I bought it at the Farmer's Market this past weekend. It is seeeeriously delicious salsa. Very homemade tasting! Taco-rific!And a side note from dinner last night, another tester for Terry's upcoming Latina cookbook: Swiss Chard with Capers and Raisins. This sweet and savory veggie dish has the perfect balance of flavors...if you like the whole sweet/salty combo, and who doesn't?! This dish is for chard-lovers only. Luckily, I am one!

Too bad I don't drink...a margarita would have rounded out this meal perfectly!