Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vegan Brunch + Local Produce = Amazing Meals!

I am happy to announce that I am a proud owner of Isa's Vegan Brunch!! I received it in the mail on my birthday last week....definitely in the running for best present ever! I was lucky to be able to incorporate some local produce into the brunch meals as well. Yay!
I have read this cookbook cover-to-cover probably ten times already and I keep discovering new and exciting things! It is filled with beautiful pictures, tips, and more to
make anyone an amazing breakfast chef! Here's what I've made so far:

Scones, with the Berry-Lavender VariationThese are very moist and delicious and are perfect any time of day. They did not come out quite as dry and dense as I like my scones, but still wonderful all the same! Isa suggests a Marionberry and Lavender combo for a variation on the basic scone recipe, but I used raspberries, as I couldn't find Marionberries anywhere around here. The flavor combination is great...especially slathered with Earth Balance and organic berry jam!
Basic Scrambled Tofu, with Onions and Local Kale
Banana Flapjacks

Since I am such a breakfast-lover, I made brinner last night for dinner! I made the Banana Flapjacks and served them with the Basic Scrambled Tofu, with onions and local kale scrambled in with it. The flapjacks get nice and browned on the outside from all the banana goodness in the batter, so they get crispy edges while remaining fluffy inside! So good! There was, of course, lots of maple syrup involved with this delightful meal.

Speaking of local veggies, here's a random salad I made for dinner this week, featuring local lettuce and tomatoes (!), as well as homemade seitan, hempseeds, vegan Caesar dressing, and other tasty produce. It was perfect on a hot summer day...thanks, Columbia Farmers' Market!


lazy susie said...

I took a few minutes to catch up on your blog tonight--congrats on graduating--and now I want to spend all day tomorrow cooking/baking all of those wonderful dishes. Great photos and great variety! You've been eating well this month!

veggievixen said...

that scone looks huge! monster scone attacks. it's probably not THAT big. ;)

yummy pancakes!! sounds like a great day.

veggievixen said...

take 2. please receive your award at:

VeganCowGirl said...

oh my gosh, your post had me contemplating mowing down on my laptop - esp. the banana flapjacks! wow - you really made those recipes look fantastic!!!

nora said...

WOW i got my copy the day before a 2 wk trip to europe that im currently on so ive read it 10 times ( i brought it with me! thats how excited i am!) and can't wait to use it. the banana flapjacks look amazing! and gosh am i ever craving a giant salad like that one you made.

Bianca said...

Happy belated birthday! And isn't VB fab? I'm loving all the full-color photos! I've only tried the chocolate beer waffles so far, but I'm very impressed (of course, I didn't expect any less from Isa). The Banana Flapjacks are on my list.