Monday, May 18, 2009

It's a Graduation Celebration!

Well, I graduated from MU this weekend!! This is double-exciting, as now I am done with school AND I can get paid for telling people what to eat! hooray! Kidding, kind of.... Anyway, celebrations such as this deserve lots of good food! This weekend definitely delivered!
(This is my dietetics class at graduation yesterday...I'm the one in front, with the dreads.)
First off: My good friend, Sarah, had a grad party on Saturday...and she made lots of vegan food for me to eat at her party! Wasn't that sweet of her??! She and her mother have an amazing garden, so they get double props!
She made a quinoa-veggie salad...
A Mediterranean-style pasta salad...Guacamole, using my got devoured by everyone!
And, a vegan pie!! This was a berry-rhubarb pie in a almond-lemon whole wheat crust! It was delicious! Go Sarah!She also made a salad with greens from her garden, grilled portabella mushroom burgers, and grilled pineapple, which I ate before I could take pics! Thanks for all your hard work and delish food, girl! (That's the lovely Sarah, on the right and me on the left!)
Here's my wonderful mother and me at the party, being happy and goofy....
Before graduation yesterday, we went out for our traditional Sunday breakfast at Cafe Berlin! No weekend would be complete without it! It was absolutely gorgeous outside, so we had to sit out and enjoy the sunshine while we ate!!
My morning pick-me-up: The Dirty Hippie! It's a soy chai latte with a shot of espresso added in...and a little sprinkle o' cinnamon on top! This is so goooood!!!And, to eat, my favorite: The Veggie-Tofu Scramble! Tofu scrambled with TONS of yummy veggies (some of them local), served with roasted potatoes/sweet potatoes and locally-made whole wheat toast (with organic raspberry jam, duh.)...I love this meal!
Then, after all the ceremonies, I had my graduation party! It was held at my old place of work, Main Squeeze Natural Foods Cafe! Thanks to my mom for throwing this for me and to Leigh (she owns the Squeeze) for hosting us and making lots of wonderful food! It was perfect...
Leigh made delicious Tofu Salad, with Toasted Pita Triangles...A Hummus and Veggie Tray...with my favorite house-made hummus and lots of local veggies...Organic Blue Corn Chips and Homemade Organic Salsa....
And, for dessert, an assortment of baked goods! First, the Coconut Haystacks, Sesame Crunch Bars, and Calico Balls...And then, Organic Apple Date Bars (my favorite!) and Organic Apple Streusel Bars!
I was so blessed this weekend my all of my wonderful friends and family! Thank you to everyone who took part in the festivities with me!! I love you all very much!
(p.s. I have to give a special hello to Josh, who visited my blog before ever meeting me and came to my grad party with a mutual friend by coincidence! And he recognized me from the blog...what a small world!)


Lisa (Show Me Vegan) said...

Congrats on graduating!! And that's so nice of your friends and family to support veganism by making such great food.

Sal said...

congrats on your graduation. That is a lot of great looking food!!

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Ruth said...


Penny said...

Well done! What a clever girl! And what great food you had, to help you celebrate! I wish I'd been there... (mouth watering)

Bianca said...

Congrats!!! And how cool is it that you'll be a dietician. I've always kinda wished I'd done that. All the food looks amazing, especially that pie!!! I'm having such sugar cravings today and that is soooo what I want right now.

Ruby Red Vegan said...

FUNNNN! I can't get over how cute all those pita triangles look spread around the tofu salad! You have some lovely friends! And congrats on graduating!
Have you ever seen the Vegan Dietitian blog, by the way? I found it today - it's awesome!