Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tester Times Two and Vegan Brunch Muffins!!

I have been a busy little tester these days! With testing for two cookbooks simultaneously, I have had lots of cooking to do...and I'm loving every minute of it! Here's some recent test recipes:
From Cookin' Crunk testing, which comes from the lovely Bianca of the Vegan Crunk blog: Seitan Hot Wings. Spicy and tangy, just how they are meant to be! Chunks of seitan are battered, baked, and tossed in a buffalo wing sauce. One of my favorite Crunk test recipes so far!! I served the Seitan Hot Wings on homemade Cornbread Buns (thanks to Melisser for the awesome recipe!) for open-faced sandwiches! These were brilliant! Hot wings, my homemade vegan ranch dressing, spinach, and toasted cornbread buns...perfect summery sandwich!
On the side, I sauteed local mustard greens, garlic, and my momma's tomatoes. Fresh and delish.
The next pic comes from Terry Hope Romero's Vegan Latina tester forum: Seitan Chorizo Tacos! While not a test recipe itself, the Seitan Chorizo is a test recipe, as well as the homemade Soft Corn Tortillas. Both are totally drool-worthy on their own.... but paired with baked butternut squash, red onion, green olives, pickled jalapenos, chopped chipotles in adobo sauce, and crispy red leaf lettuce...I think I don't even have to tell you how good these were! Tons of texture and flavor variations make these tacos perfect. When you get Vegan Latina after it comes out, I highly recommend using the Seitan Chorizo just like this!
And lastly, a non-test recipe: Cocoa Raspberry Muffins from Isa's Vegan Brunch! I am trying to work in as much VB I can with all the cookbook testing recipes, but it can get tough sometimes. I am so glad I could squeeze these in my schedule!! Just a little sweet with a little tartness from the raspberries make nice little muffins that are perfect for breakfast or a mid-day snack. With a nice hot cup of tea, of course!


nora said...

Great idea making a sandwich outta the wings! yumm yum yum.

did you think the cocoa raspberry muffins were really great? i always love all of isa's recipes, but those ones kinda failed to impress me when i made em... :(

HayMarket8 said...

That seitan looks great! Love Bar BQ~!

Laura said...

yeah i thought they were tasty muffins...def not the best i've ever made or eaten, but i was pleased. they're no "the best pumpkin muffins" or anything...but what are really?!

Bianca said...

Thanks for trying the wangz! And thanks for the reminder that I need to get my butt in gear about making Melisser's cornbread buns! I've been wanting to try them forever.

The seitan chorizo tacos sound heavenly. I'm soooo ready for that book.

And I've yet to try ANY muffins from Vegan Brunch and that makes me feel like a slacker.