Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tis' World Vegan Day! Let's Eat!

Well the Vegan Month of Food is over, but there's another reason to celebrate: today is World Vegan Day! I celebrated with the same way I celebrate every Sunday: with a big vegan dinner at my house! The underground restaurant was hoppin' today, which makes me super happy. There was lots of love going around, and even more delicious, comforting food.

The spread: Vegan Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, and Braised Brussels Sprouts or Greens. It was awesome!! The loaf was a perfect autumnal twist on the classic hippie lentil loaf: Carrot-Lentil Loaf with Pumpkin-Tomato Sauce. This was my entry for this week's Iron Chef Challenge, for which the secret ingredients are carrots and pumpkin. This was really filling and satisfying, and was a great nod to the fall weather upon us!!For dessert, I served Local Apple Crisp a la mode!! I didn't use a recipe, just something I threw together...I need to try and remember what I did, because it was really freakin' good. I'll share it when I do ! :) This is the ultimate fall dessert, in my opinion!! The a la mode was with Nada Moo Maple Pecan Ice Cream! I hadn't tried Nada Moo brand before, and I was soooo impressed. The maple flavor was amazing and it was creamy and not too sweet and very delicious! I want to try more of their flavors now! Nada Moooooooooo!! I love you!
Happy World Vegan Day!! Spread the word and the love!


nora said...

mmmmmm your carrot lentil pumpkin one sounds the best!

Anonymous said...

That meatloaf sounds amazing! Can you share the recipe? I would love to try it!


miss v said...

where did you pick up the nada moo ice cream? i want to try it!

Laura said...

whole foods in overland park, ks.
miss v, you seriously need to be in on my supper club!! if you are interested let me's every sunday at 1 o'clock. i'd love to have ya!

Anonymous said...

I have a friend that works for Nada Moo in Austin. I didn't think we could get the stuff around here. Wherever did you find it?

And, of course, all your food looks amazing!