Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pizza Fusion and More Test Recipes

The Kansas City Star, our main newspaper, did a big story this week on a new KC restaurant, Pizza Fusion, in honor of Earth Day. If you haven't heard of Pizza Fusion, it is a pretty new pizza chain that is all over the country, and it is all organic/natural and has TONS of vegan options, including FYH mozzarella! They make everything out of recycled materials and even have hybrid delivery vehicles! I was pretty sure that I needed to try this place, so we went there for lunch today. And, it was delicious! The vegan items are even listed as such on the menu AND our waitress was vegan, so she could make some good recommendations! I was veeeeery happy!We started off with the Fusion Salad, with Goddess Dressing... I had the Farmer's Market Pizza on Multigrain Crust (portobellos, red onions, zucchini, artichoke hearts, basil, tomato sauce, FYH mozzarella).....I really, really enjoyed this pizza.My mom had the Bruschetta Pizza on Organic White Crust (tomatoes, basil, roasted garlic, balsamic vinegar, FYH mozarella)....definetely a classic!For dessert, we had the Organic Chocolate Brownie!!! This was vegan AND gluten-free, and by-far the BEST gluten-free baked good I have ever had!!! OMG they served it straight from the oven, sprinkled with cocoa powder and powdered sugar, and garnished with strawberries! It was so flippin' moist and delicious!
If one of these joints is near you, I highly recommend you give it a shot!

I also went to the KC farmer's market yesterday with my friends Sarah and Fatima, which was a blast! I love seeing how there gets to be more and more vendors and patrons of the market every week! I didn't get anything too exciting this week, but we did stop and eat lunch at Succotash, the diner that is in the City Market square! I love this place!!!

I got the Lemony Lima Bean Hummus Plate, which was served with fresh, locally-made French bread! Amaaaazing! They even garnished it with some succotash! I was in hummus heaven.

Also this week, I did some more testing for Terry's upcoming Vegan Latina cookbook! BTW this cookbook is going to blow everybody away with all of the creative recipes and fun flavors!
Mofongo, a fried plantain dish...

Mango and Jicama Chopped Salad...very light and refreshing
Mango and Jicama Chopped Salad, served with a new Soyrizo that I tried this week, made by Melissa's brand. The soyrizo was pretty good! Flavorful, spicy, chewy...I added some sauteed onions and green chiles to it for an extra kick.
Melissa's brand Soyrizo.... And, finally, the Cilantro-Lime Rice, which is my new favorite rice dish! It is so wonderfully limey and salty and cilantroy! It would be perfect with anything, really, but I served it with the Venezuelan Black Beans from Terry's tester recipes and some Chili-Sauteed Veggies (my own creation). YUM!

p.s. only three weeks until I graduate!! yay!


Paulina said...

I'm so jealous of you now! Not only did you go to a delicious vegan-friendly restaurant but you are also one of the testers for Vegan Latina!

veggievixen said...

you are so lucky to be a tester!! i'm jealous. awesome food.

i love vegan pizza! some places around here have it and it's fantastic.

nora said...

ah vegan latina = love

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

Wowsa, that pizza and that restaurant sound fantastic, I will definitely have to hit that place up next time I am in KC.

I love seeing the season progress at the farmer's market, it kinda makes me feel humble at the variety our modest Missouri soil can provide us.

Congrats on graduating in three weeks, I bet you are really excited/nervous, I know I was.

Are you going to stay around CoMo after you graduate? I still want to get together for dinner or something.

Drop me an email sometime if you want to get together, my email address is