Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Crunk Feast

Last night, I had myself a crunk-inspired Southern feast for dinner with all the fixin's...

My jalapeno cornbread (I am still perfecting the recipe, but it's close!): Vegan Crunk Bianca's tester recipe for Fried Squash, for her in-the-works Cookin' Crunk cookbook, made with some tasty local summer squash:
Another Cookin' Crunk tester recipe, Boozy Baked Beans, made with PBR, of course:
And all the feast was so delicious!!! Sweet tea was the only thing missing, I'm pretty sure!


veggievixen said...

yum! everything looks so good. i can't wait to try the jalapeno cornbread. i am starting to loooove spicy things.

nora said...

good job! That all looks like it goes marvelously well together!