Sunday, April 6, 2008

Eats of the Week...

This past week has been filled with tons of great food that I have been super psyched on writing about...but I have been feeling pretty sick the last couple days, so I haven't gotten a chance to share about all the goodies! Luckily, I have a full belly and some down time right now, so heeeeere it goes!!
I cook dinner almost every night for me and my boyfriend, Steve...who is also did I get so lucky? So, much of these meals were shared by both of did he get so lucky? :)

((Say hi to steve everyone!))
Here are a few dinners from this week--some typical weekday meals:

Tofu Salad sandwiches with steamed spinach
and a homemade waldorf salad (God bless vegenaise!!!)

Vegan sloppy joe's made with tempeh....mmmmmmesssy....with steamed red chard and roasted root vegetables to celebrate the end of the winter produce season

I also had dinner with a group of friends on Wednesday, and one of those friends (Anna, who is fabulous!) is gluten intolerant, so I made a gluten-free dinner filled with quinoa and other goodness, finished off by some gluten-free chocolate chip lavender cookies....

Then, we used some It's Soy Delicious chocolate ice "cream" to create some bomb ice "cream" sandwiches...tgtbt. (too good to be true!)

Ice "cream" sandwiches are my newest obsession!!

Friday night was my friend Zach's birthday...Zach is not really into the whole "healthy" or "natural" food thing, so I decided that a big fat vegan birthday cake is just what he needed to bring him to the dark side...

This should do the trick....
I combined his loves of coffee, chocolate, and copious amounts of frosting to create a Mocha Almond Fudge Cake...mocha cake with mocha buttercream frosting and loads of toasted almonds...this was a crowd pleaser for sure and I believe that he has now seen the light! YES, this IS vegan and YES, this IS freakin delicious!! who knew?!! :)

I also baked a batch of triple chocolate walnut brownies at work (Main Squeeze Cafe!)...but these definitely transcended the brownie category and went straight into the classification of face-melter...yum!!

Yesterday morning, I made a great breakfast...we had the nut milk french toast from the Chicago Diner cookbook (BEST SOUVENIR EVER!!) with Lightlife's tempeh bacon and organic bananas...breakfast might just be my favorite meal.
With lots of organic maple syrup and a steaming cup of french-pressed fair trade organic coffee....who wouldn't want to wake up early for that?!
Steve and I just got done eating an amaaaaazing breakfast burrito at a local natural foods restaurant called Cafe Berlin (not german, oddly enough...). This place isn't vegan or even vegetarian, but they have tons of veg options and organic foods! We had a vegan-ized breakfast burrito filled with scrambled tofu, tempeh instead of sausage, roasted russet and sweet potatoes, spinach, cilantro, and maple syrup, with salsa on the side....we were both slayed!! I forgot to get a picture, but you can trust that I WILL get this again and I WON'T forget to show it to you next time!!
Sorry about the long posts...I am still new and realizing that it can be harder than I realized to remember to post more frequently so I can keep them shorter and sweeter... I will learn :)

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ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Oh you are soooo lucky! And your boyfriend is lucky too!

(I do love my own boyfriend, but it'd be soooo wonderful if he were a vegan!)

And all your friends are the luckiest, because they get to eat all the amazing food you make-- the ice cream sandwiches, the cake, the gluten-free meal, etc.