Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sheese Please!

After reading about the Sheese cheese alternative a few weeks ago and finding out that they had a blue cheese flavor, I was very intrigued....
So I went on Cosmos Vegan Shoppe online and got some....

And it came a few days ago! I was sooooo excited, but perplexed. I don't buy cheese alternatives very often and, when I do, it is for a burrito/grilled cheese/taco/etc. But blue cheese is different, almost special, so I didn't know what to do with it!

Then it came to me: a big, beautiful salad!!
Lotsa greens, carrots, beets, red onions, apples, walnuts,
dried figs, sprouts, and tahini dressing...
blessed with some tangy blue Sheese crumbles...mmmmmm!!!

And to top it off, I had a Healthy Hemp roll on the side. So much protein and fiber in such a little roll...try them for realz! (if you and gluten are on speaking terms...)

I don't remember exactly what blue cheese tastes like, but this Sheese tasted a lot like what is in my memory. Salty, stinky, creamy, yum. If you liked blue cheese in your pre-vegan days, then I think you will love this Sheese version....except for maybe the 8 dollar price tag. ouch. Indulge every now and again! :)

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ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Oh yum, I’ve never seen hemp rolls. They sound really good. I’ll have to google ‘em and find out where to buy them. I’ve never had sheese either… I keep waiting for my lazy Whole Foods to start stocking it!
P.S. I’m adding your lovely site to my blogroll.