Monday, October 5, 2009

Dane, The Other Leg: the second half of the KC Vegan Crawl!

Welcome to Day 5 of Vegan MoFo!! I want to rep KC vegans today!! Sundays are getting coined as the "Vegan Crawl" in Kansas City because it is an all-day celebration of delicious, local, vegan food. The crawl starts at my house, where I do the underground restaurant thing, and it ends at Dane's house! Dane's thing is all about sustainable food systems and lifestyles, and eating well for nourishment of the body and the earth. After dinner at his house, he gives a talk (or video, etc.) as part of his "sustainability Sunday" series on living locally. He even creates handouts to take home so you don't forget all the good info he gave you! Awesome!

Dane's Tower o' Local Produce:
He's actually an artist by trade, but has been honing his vegan cooking skills most recently, in order to share his passion for local, vegan food. He wants to show people that eating kindly and sustainably can taste good, too! Go figure!
Here are a few dishes he has prepared for his Sustainability Sunday dinners!

Baked Acorn Squash stuffed with a saute of kale, garbanzo beans, garlic, onions, and walnuts;
Candied Yams;
Roasted Turnips with Crystallized Ginger and Garlic
(all with local produce!)For dessert: Whole Grain Traveler Bread from local bakery, Fervere, schmeared with Dane's homemade local pumpkin butter!Another night: Wild Rice Pilaf with Cannellini Beans and a Mushroom Cream Sauce;
Herbed New and Sweet Potatoes;
Coconut-Ginger Roasted Carrots and Radishes

Last night's awesome meal: Apple-Watermelon Gazpacho, made with his homemade fruit stock and topped with fresh apples
And, because you can't have soup without something for dipping: Homemade Kamut Pita!Bread is for sharing!!For dessert: Vegan Puff Pastry (made by Dane's boss, a former pastry chef) filled with custard and toasted almonds, and then topped with powdered sugar and blackberries. mmmmm.Rosemary Olive Oil Flatbread with Apple-Pear-Walnut Chutney, both homemade, of course.
And, from the first night I went to his sustainability dinner, Fruit Rotini Pasta made by local Pappardelle's pasta makers, topped with local Tomato Peach Marinara;
Ciabatta Bread from Fervere Bakery
Dessert: Orchard Bread, also from Fervere Bakery, with Whipped Agave "Butter" (which he made. duh.)
I love it!


nora said...

how do you make whipped agave butter?! plz tell me!

miss v said...

oooo, how can i get in on this!?

Jess of Veg Out! said...

Oh, man! Everything looks so good! I'll take it all, please.

Laura said...

miss v: are you in kc?

veggievixen said...

apple-watermelon gazpacho needs to be in my life. every day.

Dane said...

You'll never guess how to make agave butter. I looked all over for recipes and you know what I found out? It's whipped earth balance and agave nectar. Really? Yep really. Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest.