Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vegan MoFo: Denver, Part II

Hey! It's back to food on Vegan MoFo, Day 24! I am going to post the second of my three-part series on eating vegan in Denver, Colorado! I cannot emphasize enough how much delicious food there was!! I ate a. lot. in Denver. Totally worth it!

First off, I went with my friend and fellow dietitian, Sarah. She is awesome and went to all the vegan spots with me! She's an omni, but it's a slow conversion process :) But this girl knows good food, which I guess is why she hangs out with me! haha

Here we are at a local Denver bar, getting our dance on. We don't really drink, so dancing is what we do at bars! There were some awesome local musicians playing and really funny Denver natives dancing with us. Too much fun! I'm the one with the glasses, btdubs. And here we are at the American Dietetic Association Conference. The (kind of) reason we went to Denver in the first place. Besides to eat at good places and see cool stuff. But I guess we wanted to learn about nutrition and stuff, too!
Now for some foooooood! One night, I went with another friend named Sarah, who lives in Denver and is a baker there (woo hoo!), to go play bingo at a bar named Sputnik. Her boyfriend came with us, too. He's a sweetheart. Anyway, it was an adorable little dive hipster place with TONS of vegan options on their menu! The late-night special was their awesome Sweet Potato Fries and choice of dipping sauce...we got the Vegan Wasabi Mayo! Yuuuuum! Spicy in my nose and yummy in my mouth. All at the same time.
Another night, the Vegetarian Resource Group-- which promotes all things veganism and is awesome-- had a vegan dinner at the Mercury Cafe, a beautifully decorated and gorgeously "crunchy" natural foods restaurant. It had really dim, romantic-y lighting, so pics were tough to get. The food was delish, though! A must for dining vegan in Denver!!

The entree: Linguine tossed with Olive Oil, Local Spinach, Tomatoes, and lots of Garlic!
The dessert: Chocolate Cake with a Chocolate Ganache Frosting. Kind of vegan-y tasting (I know they don't all taste that way of course! hello!) but I loved it! Mmmmmm.
On yet another night, Sarah (the one from Denver) and I ate at City O' City. It's a hip/casual/cafe/bar atmosphere, and is owned by the same people as Watercourse Foods. The food is more bar-style, and very amazing!!
We shared the Spinach Salad, which had candied walnuts, apples, miso tahini dressing, and our addition of tempeh bacon bits. zomg. I love this salad!
For our main dish, we split a pizza. Because pizza is just awesomely awesome! We got the La Michelle Pizza, made up of their tasty homemade crust, fig sauce (!), fresh rosemary, sundried tomatoes, capers, and our vegan option of cashew ricotta. Probably one of the best pizzas I've ever had. Very gourmet and very good! If you go here, get this pizza, ya'll!For dessert, we got a nosh from the attached Watercourse Bakery! How convenient! We got the Apple Crisp Bar. Mouth-watering apples combined with tons of cinnamon and a crispy, dense, buttery crust. Love.

One afternoon, Sarah, Carrie (another dietitian from MO) and I had high tea at the Brown Palace Hotel. Very fancy schmancy hotel, very fancy high tea. I got Vanilla Rooibos tea and it was just delightful! I felt like a princess, I must admit. They did too...

There are still more Denver pics to come! Be prepared!

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