Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vegan MoFo Day #19: Sunday Traditions

Sunday is one of my favorite days, mostly because it always involves great food!
Every Sunday, a bunch of us have our traditional breakfast at Cafe Berlin (not a German restaurant, btdubs) and it is always wonderful!! We sit around and eat wonderful breakfast food and drink coffee and talk and love. Today was no exception...and the bike ride there was especially beautiful with the great weather!
Today, I had the Apples and Tempeh "Sausage", with a side of roasted potatoes. This IS fall!!
Then, after a long day of homework, studying, and exercising, a nice dinner was necessary.
I, again, was craving the Cornmeal-Crusted Tofu from Veganomicon...I swear this is addictive! The crunchy outside and chewy inside are an awesome contrast, and it is a perfect pairing with mashed local sweet potatoes and garlic-sauteed greens. This is becoming one of my favorite much so that I am now out of hot sauce! :)

Dessert was Banana Bread from The PPK ( This is a really hearty, dense, and flavorful quick bread, and not too sweet. I loved it, and I used whole wheat flour, so I could even feel good about it being healthier! hoooray!

Sundays are wonderful!

OH. and Vote on November 4th! Obama needs YOU!

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