Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vegan MoFo Day #14: Tagine For Two

This a very special day! Not only is it Day 14 of Vegan MoFo, the end of its second week, but today marks exactly 3 weeks until the presidential election! Although this has been the longest presidential race in history, I serisously cannot believe it is about to be seems like all these debates, commmericals, rallies, and smears are just everyday news. Since John McCain and Sarah Palin CLEARLY are idiots, and Barack Obama and Joe Biden are CLEARLY going to make wonderful president and v.p., I am obligated to remind you today and everyday until November 4th to go vote. For Barack. F'reals.

Now, onto the fooooods! It is MoFo, after all! Today was kinda icky and dreary, so a nice warm stew was for sure needed for dinner! I had some local eggplant and sweet poatoes to use, so Moroccan Tagine was perfect! I made my favorite tagine recipe...Tagine For Two...that I have posted about before, and served it with some whole wheat couscous and a cucumber-dill raita sauce. This is so flavorful and fragrant, so it fills your home with all its yumminess... You just can't help but make this healthy, veggie-packed, and delicious stew! It must have been invented for chilly fall days like this!

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